Leftwood face behind the guitar

Artwork by Vanessa Bantleman.



Was there a time when you were walking in the forest and you caught a glance of a grove, a path leading deeper into the unknown. This time you choose to go down it. You’re ready to discover new places, new feelings. You are free falling… deeper and deeper. Energy becomes rhythm, thought becomes melody as they caress your emotions

Music is a journey of the self. Not just a language or a vehicle, but a friend and confidant. A home, a child and a teacher. It rips into your soul and pulls you back to basics, into love and perspective. Then out to the ether, to the hypothetical and surreal.

This child that is Leftwood is a slow burner that keeps getting brighter. If there is a moment that moves you then it has completed its task. Music has left its mark, yet again.

Leftwood was founded in 2002 by composer Ben Chase in Perth, Western Australia